My Writing Love Affair

Enclosed by your majestic gentleness, I am free to be my complete self, without any bounds nor boundaries. In all my vulnerable, insecure, moody, and, nagging states, you’d gladly stretch your hands wide open for a warm hug. Who would’ve guessed that: the deepest connections could be formed by the smallest gestures such as a simple “Dear Dairy” entry. The very beginning of my love affair.

Our relationship is built on grounds of passion, self-awareness, positive out-lets, and, genuine love. Like any relation, we too, face summer and winter, grow apart to reconnect on a deeper level than we did before. Just like “Spiderman” can save the world, I can create a world with you, my superpower is our writing affair.

Disclosing my most intimate thoughts, fears, and worries has comforted me in the darkest hour. Addressing letters to people that will never read them, has helped me to forgive, heal and, reconcile. We read my very first “love letter” together, wrote the worst “roses are red, violets are blue” poem, shed tears together, laughed at me for acting so dumb around “him”. Even, when the walls of my life seem to crave in, it has always been you. And, only you would know who “him” is.

Our love evolves beyond the bounds of a journal note book, to fields of discovery in the art of writing, journalism, and novels. That for me is Love- a constant evolution to greatness, the realization that the impossible is possible, through a constant nurture of magnification.

BY: Bridgette M Luvhengo


  1. Our journeys have many different faces & I loved that LOVE/ First LOVE journey! Very personal & the view you give the audience is subtle! Hope to read more elements to The Journey!


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