Epiphany of Self-Love

We often tend go into relationships with intentions of finding wholeness in someone else, or expecting the next person to live up to our superficial needs. Not fully understanding that the strongest foundation for loving others is loving ourselves first. By cultivating a deep intimate relationship with ourselves.

Purposefully choosing to love yourself is one of the toughest, yet very fulfilling journeys. Becoming self-conscious and understanding your self-worth generates a sense of greatness from within. Discovering what grants you absolute joy and satisfaction, assigning value to yourself as you would to a diamond ring is a gigantic step to the epiphany of self-love. Celebrating the small milestones to the bigger picture is the birth of self-appreciative for even the big achievements.

On days when a truck loaded of personal failures hit, when we don’t seem to live-up to our own expectations- we have to, yet again choose to purposefully love ourselves by being compassionate and kind. Decide to fall in love with your flaws and imperfections, seeing the beauty in the struggle, as a platform to unveil our deeply hidden potential.

Looking breath-taking for yourself, that twice a month visit to the salon or even the regular skincare routines, daily gym with a healthy diet that is non-negotiable, are all gestures of self-love physically. Realizing that your psychological and inner being is of utter importance as well. Developing a healthy inner dialogue with yourself on basis of honesty and self-evaluation is taking care of yourself on a deeper level. Understanding that we can only project or give what we have given ourselves first. My epiphany of self-love is understanding that: I am my biggest investor that my reign outwardly has to firstly begin inwardly.

BY: Bridgette M Luvhengo

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