This Youth….

The darkest hour linger over This Youth: depression, anxiety, and fear.
Women killed ruthlessly, good men deeply shattered by the reality.
Striving to uproot generational curses, 
seeking help for a better reality.
Instead we are introduced to the gang rivalry.
This Youth awakes to an unbearable reality.

Portrayed as static to organic evaluation.
The truth is: we want the real deal, not the systematic error implemented,
 degenerating tangible change.  
The 1976 Youth, set unshakable foundations to fight for our strong beliefs.
Our freedom runs deep in the river banks of consciousness, 
for dominance. 

Now, This Youth…a butterfly, blossoming from agony.
This Youth…an ocean, spurring forth new hope.
This Youth….hunters, that dig deep for economic opportunities.  
This Youth….an orchard tree that reproduces fruitful fruits.
This Youth, a revolutionary movement combating racism, body shame, 
gender based violence, and identity crisis.
And, This Youth shall rise to its destined glory!

BY: Bridgette M Luvhengo


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