A Lioness

A lioness you are… a true goddess you incarnate with your infinite being.

Calling to the stand business women, pioneers, mothers, wife’s, sisters, daughters, aunts, mentors  and grandmothers; to receive your standing ovation for hunting together, for nurturing, for providing, and for coming together for the betterment of society and humankind.

The girl with the daddy issues, the girl that was sexually abused, the girl that was an alcoholic, the girl with identity crisis, decided to return to her heavenly father; her true Creator. And now, she boldly reintroduces herself as: the Lioness that is fierce, graceful and agile.

You are a leader in your Pride. Your mere presences inspires your King. You are creative. You are strategic. You are the strong force that encourages change. You are the orchards that never dies, but regrows effortlessly. You personify prosperity and wealth.

You are breathtakingly beautiful, no matter how you chose to wear your hair. Your curvaceous physique is flawless. Your striking eyes portray strength. You are gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness.

Wear your crown goddess.

Wear it with dominance. Wear it unapologetically. Wear it with evaluation.

You are the Queen, before you met the King. Own your castle.

Own your throne goddess, wear your crown lioness.

BY: Bridgette M Luvhengo

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